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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Finally out and about!

We finally got out and took a drive today. We'd been sticking close to home 'cause we were waiting for the RV technician to stop by. Unfortunately, we'd had a slight mishap upon arrival last Wednesday. While, being guided into our site, we hit a low hanging branch of the tree directly beside the side. It ripped into the roof of the RV, scratched the upper side of it and broke one of the running light lenses. On the positive side, the damage seems slight and most of it is on the roof where it can't be seen by most people!

Anyway, first thing Thursday we called the mobile RV technician who services many of the RVs in this park. He came out and said that he would have his body man come take a look at the damage. Well, we're still waiting for him to show up! We've called a couple of more times and will give him until tomorrow, but then we're calling someone else. There's always something exciting going on!

Today has been another gorgeous day - sunny, a slight breeze and upper 70s! You can really get used to this weather! And it's supposed to continue all week! Yippee!! We took a drive and ended up at Lake Manatee State Park. We had brought Blackie with us, so we took a little hike (emphasis on "little!") around the park. There is also camping at this park and it looks really nice. Definitely put that on the list of possible campgrounds!

Here's a couple of pictures from the day. I included one of the church we attend when we are here. Hope all is well in your world. We're looking forward to attending the Strawberry Festival on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. Best darn strawberry shortcakes in the world!! We'll also see Willie Nelson in concert on Tuesday and Lonestar on Wednesday. Going with Ray & Judy, so we know it's gonna be fun!

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