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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Strawberry Festival - Day Two

Day Two at the festival was even better than Day One! It was an absolutely gorgeous day, weatherwise - sunny with a slight breeze and in the mid-70s. Couldn't ask for better. We started off with a strawberry shortcake, which we made ourselves. We could pile on the strawberries as high as we wanted and then top it off with a big glob of whipped cream. YUMMY!

Then it was off to get seated for the Lonestar concert. We had great seats, just off to the left of the stage, but close enough to see really well. Was able to get a few good pictures. We had see Lonestar in 2004 in Nashville at Fan Fair, but they are played a couple of songs. Yesterday they played for about an hour and a half. Their keyboardist, Dean, seems to have the most personality of the group. He hammed it up good.

After the concert, it was time to eat again (of course!). We headed to Branch Ranch, a family style restaurant Ray & Judy introduced us to last year. The food is to die for! And, probably if you ate there too often, you would die of clogged arteries! Just good, down home, southern cooking. So much food you have to bring home doggy bags.

What more can you ask for? Good friends, good food, and beautiful weather. We sure are blessed. Grateful that God has allowed us this time to enjoy being together and seeing so much of this phenomenal country while making new friends. We miss you all at home and send our love. More later.

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  1. Anonymous10:39 AM

    So where's the picture of the strawberry shortcake! The next time you brag about the food, I want a picture!!!! -Bubba from Birmingham.