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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Palmetto, Florida

We got to Frog Creek Campground about 2:30 this afternoon. I was surprised at how excited I was to get here! But, we have good memories from last year, so I guess that's why.

We hit a major traffic jam about an hour and a half north of Palmetto. There was an accident of some kind and traffic just stopped. We were so bummed! To be so close and know we had to just sit was yucky! We did a detour around the accident and then just headed on down the road. What should have been a five hour trip ended up being closer to seven hours!

We had a nice reception when we got here, though. It seems we were being looked for! How nice is that? On the down side, Judy had to take Ray to the ER today because he was in so much pain. They thought it was his back as he has been experiencing some major back pain lately. But, after some tests, it was found that he has two kidney stones! So, he spent the day in the ER and now has to see a doctor ASAP. I just hate it for him - never have had kidney stones, but understand them to be excruciating. If you think of it, pray for Ray to feel better quickly. Thanks.

It was 80 degrees when we got here! I'm already working on my trucker's tan!!
It's great to be set up and know we'll be here for a little while. Gonna do some cleaning, inside and out, over the next couple of days so we can start playing next week. Hope to get some good pictures to share.

Take care. Will "talk" again soon.

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