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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Strawberry Festival - Day One

What a great day we had yesterday! And, we get to do it again today!! We went to the Italian restaurant, Manolo's, in Zephyrhills for the "early bird" special. Yes, we go to early bird specials - and there's NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT!! We got a great meal and then headed over to the festival to see Willie Nelson.

The concert was okay, but Willie's getting old (he's 70!). Sorry, Mommy & Daddy. But, the place was packed. This was the only concert to sell out at the festival. It was also pretty darn cold. The wind was blowing and we were in the bleachers, so we were high enough up, not too high, but high enough, that we caught the wind pretty good.

Today we are seeing Lonestar and getting one of those HUGE strawberry shortcakes the festival is famous for. Then, it's off to the Branch Ranch restaurant for another fantastic meal. Gotta do a lot of walking at the festival to make up for all the food we're eating!

We'll have more pictures for you tonight!

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