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Thursday, March 23, 2006

More down time

Not much happening here. We've spent another week just enjoying the sunshine and time with friends. Randy's been golfing and I have spent my time chatting with the girls, cross-stitching and reading. I'm also trying to walk for 30 minutes each day - I have GOT to combat all this eating we've been doing!

Our great weather finally broke today. The rain and chilly weather came! The temperature is only going to be in the mid-60s over the next several days. I know, I know -- none of you up north feels sorry for us. I guess mid-60s is still better than snow, huh?

The campground is gearing up for the end of the season. We've got the Talent Show this Saturday. The show consists of the "The Tonight Show" and "An Evening at the Grand Ol' Froggy." Randy is a stage hand and I will be appearing as Patsy Cline, singing, "Walkin' After Midnight." We will definitely have pictures to share of this event - it promises to be a hoot! Our friend, Judy, is appearing as Phyllis Diller on "The Tonight Show" and as one of the Hee Haw Honies during "An Evening at the Grand Ol' Froggy." Her husband, Ray, will be Ed McMahon. Can't wait . . .

This month has gone awfully fast. It's hard to believe there's just little more than a week left until the end of the season. Lots of folks are getting ready to leave, and some have already started for home. There are several "For Sale" signs on rigs around the park. I guess some people are either giving up RVing or buying new ones.

I'll be posting pictures of the show on Sunday. They should be really good. Until then, take care of one another. We'll be seeing you soon.


  1. Anonymous8:20 AM

    Wow!!! You'll be competing with Kellie Pickler from American Idol!! She sang "Walkin' After Midnight"... I'm sure you will outshine her!! Can't wait to see pictures. Dad should take video of your performance! We'll be sure to vote for you!

    Love ya!

  2. Anonymous1:53 PM

    hello, hope the show went well, tried to e-mail you photo album but delivery refused, have you changed your e-mail address?
    love-mary and tim