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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Daytona Beach

We spent this morning at the rally. Ray & Judy wanted to attend a seminar and Randy & I scouted out the vendors we missed yesterday. Hard to believe there could possibly be more "stuff" out there, but there was!

The weather was quite a bit cooler today than yesterday - by about 20 degrees! It was sunny at times, but mostly overcast and very windy. We should have done all of our walking around the rally today instead of in the heat of yesterday, but you never know.

Since there wasn't anything we wanted to do at the rally this afternoon, we headed to Daytona Beach. None of us has ever been here. We walked out on the beach, took a few pictures, saw the cars driving on the beach and then hightailed it back to the car. It was sooooooo windy out there!!! Thankfully, since the sand is hardpacked, there was no worry about the sand whipping up in your eyes. It was odd watching cars just driving on and off the beach - there was even an RV there!

Ray & Judy are leaving tomorrow morning to head for home. We will miss them. They are good friends. We feel very blessed to have them in our life as you don't get many people in your life who you can pick up with where you left off months before. But, Ray & Judy are those kind of people for us. We have had six weeks of laughing, talking, exploring, and some commiserating. It will be hard to see them drive off tomorrow. As you think of it, please pray for their safe travel home.

Randy & I will attend a seminar tomorrow morning on RV travel to Alaska. That is one of Randy's dreams before we get off the road. He really wants to get to Alaska. And everyone we talk to who has been, loves it! Guess we'll find out why tomorrow.

Enjoy the pictures! And no comments on the hair - I told you it was windy!!

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