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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Everything RV, All the Time!

We got to Daytona International Speedway on Friday around 3:30ish. Took us a bit longer than planned due to construction delays on I-4. But, hey, we're retired - so, we're not in a hurry, right? Anyway, we got here and got set up without a problem. Actually, it was better that we got here a little later, we did not hit any tie-ups getting into the park and our sites are very close to tram stops.

Didn't do much on Friday evening, rally-wise, other than get our registration materials. We got some dinner at a Mexican restaurant just across from the Speedway and then chilled for the rest of the night.

Saturday morning we headed over to the rally to see how much damage we could do to our pocketbooks and bodies (it's a BIG place to walk around!). Randy wanted to hit a seminar on satellite TV so while he did that, Ray, Judy & I hit the vendor buildings. If you need it (or not!), it's here to find. Every gadget, jewelry, cleaning product, mats, etc., is to be had for a price. Judy and I did get some jewelry. I finally found an emerald tennis bracelet that I've been wanting. YAY!

After Randy's seminar was over, we headed back to the RV to get some lunch and cool off. It's pretty hot out there on all that asphalt and the "buildings," really long tents actually, are not well-ventilated. We headed back out and hit the vendors again - Randy missed them 'cause he was at that seminar. Then we started looking at some of the RVs. It's just like a huge RV show, every kind of RV you can think of, it's here. Of course, we're not in the market for a new one, but it's fun to look. One of the sales associates was talking to us about a 5th wheel we were in and I told her ours was better 'cause it's paid for!! She laughed and said that was definitely a good feature.

About 4pm we all decided we'd had enough. We were sweaty, hurting (the legs are OLD!!!) and ready for a drink! So, it was back to the sites to sit out and enjoy the breeze. There was a storm coming and it was neat to watch the dark clouds roll in. Got some much needed rain (this area hasn't had rain in 41 days) and it's supposed to be much cooler on Sunday.

We'll probably have more to report later. Keep reading!!

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