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Saturday, April 15, 2006

A Great Day of Sightseeing!

Today was such a great day! The weather was absolutely beautiful. Dan, Debbie, Randy & I went to a a couple of tourist attractions today as well as a lovely Christian college in the area. I've posted several pictures here, but there are MANY more at our Webshots website at

Covenant College is a 51 year old Presbyterian college that sits atop Lookout Mountain in Georgia. It's only about 15 minutes from our campground and Dan & Debbie had visied there when they were in college here in Chattanooga. They remembered it being a beautiful campus and we could see some of its buildings from our campsite! So, we decided to go see it. The building in the picture I've posted was originally the Lookout Mountain Hotel (ca. 1920s we think) and the college was founded in 1955. It is a very cool building and the rest of the campus is lush. Pretty neat.

Our next stop was Rock City which is further along Lookout Mountain, but in Georgia. This place is privately owned and was planned out by a couple named Garnet & Frieda Carter. The Carter family still owns and runs the facility. They started with gardens and just kept adding trails and paths as they found different rock formations and such. It's like 80 some years old! The flowers are just gorgeous and the different rock formations are so cool. They found rocks shaped like a mushroom, a tortoise, the profile of an Indian chief; there's a waterfall and at the top you can see seven states - at least that's what they say, I couldn't figure it out 'cause those boundary lines you see on the map didn't show up! We got to laughing several times 'cause some of the paths go through VERY tight passageways and Deb & I weren't sure if we were going to fit! This was a great place to see; we're really glad we did. If you're ever in the Chattanooga area, we highly recommend making Rock City a stop on your trip.

Next we went to Ruby Falls on Lookout Mountain in Tennessee. (Lookout Mountain runs from Tennessee into Georgia into Alabama.) Ruby Falls is the actual underground waterfall found in the caverns here. It is named for the wife of the Leo Lambert, the gentleman who found the caverns and created the attraction. This waterfall is the only fully underground waterfall in the United States. Having visited Luray Caverns in Virginia, it is pretty hard to compete with them. But, these caverns had some neat formations. The waterfall was very cool; it was the final stop in the caverns, of course. The pictures I took of the waterfall did not come out at all, so I took a video and uploaded it to Dropshots. If you'd like, you can view it at

We had a marvelous day. It was wonderful being with Dan & Debbie again. The only bad part is only having last evening and today together. But, some time is better than nothing!

Tomorrow morning we'll break camp and begin our trek to South Dakota. More than likely, we will not have internet access again until we get to SD on Wednesday. If you need us, call; otherwise, we'll touch base then. Take care of each other!

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