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Friday, April 21, 2006

South Dakota, Our New "Home"

It's official, we are South Dakotans. And it only took us about 2 hours to do it! Amazing. I told Randy I felt like we were doing something illegal, it was so easy. We can renew our vehicle registrations through the mail, but have to come back to renew our driver's licenses in person. So, we know that we'll be back in five years, at least, if not sooner.

Our new "hometown" is so small (how small is it, you ask?), that I've posted a picture of its high school. Yep, that's it. It's longer than the picture shows, but it's just a long, one story building. Looks kinda like a very long mobile home. The population in Emery is less than 600. Yes, that's hundred, not thousand. And it is an incorporated town, it's got its own post office. Randy & I were talking yesterday that it's hard to figure out how the town continues to thrive. The main street is pretty deserted, but there are three churches here, so maybe that's the key.

We had to go to the big town of Mitchell to get our driver's licenses. Mitchell's claim to fame is the Corn Palace. And it is famous - you can google it on the web and find out all about it. Plus there are billboards all along I-90 as soon as you get into South Dakota. Well, it is kinda cool. There's a picture below. The outside of the building is completely made up of ears of corn! All the designs are created out of ears of corn. It is pretty a-maiz-ing (get it? hahahah).

We are doing nothing today! Just a down day to relax and get ready for the next few days of travel. We'll leave tomorrow morning and head to Elkhart, IN; plan to arrive there on Monday. Not sure how long we'll be there 'cause we're having the truck looked at by the company who did the conversion work on it. But, we'll definitely be leaving by Saturday so we can be home on May 1st. YAY!!

Take care. We'll see you soon.

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