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Monday, April 17, 2006

More than halfway to South Dakota!

As I write we are sitting in a nice campground in Montgomery City, Missouri. This was a short driving day, so we splurged and checked off yet another Cracker Barrel. We rolled into the campground a little before 2:30 this afternoon.

We got through St. Louis, MO without a hitch. Boy, that is one busy city! It was cool to see the Arch; got a picture of it from the truck and it's posted below. We also cross many rivers, three of which are shown below. Sorry that the Ohio River picture is pretty boring, but nothing was happening on it at the time we crossed!

Just one more night on the road, in Rock Port, MO. Then, on Wednesday, we roll into Emery, South Dakota. Yippee! We'll take care of business and then hit the road again. Can't believe we'll be home in just two weeks!

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