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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Just Hanging Out

I know, I didn't post yesterday. I really didn't have much to share. I'll probably only post every couple of days while here in Kansas 'cause we're are just hanging out with Kevin & Sara, relaxing and recovering from our busy trip thus far.

Yesterday evening we went with Sara to an FRG meeting (FRG - Family Readiness Group) where every soldier in Kevin's battalion or troop, not sure which, was represented. If the soldier is not available, someone has to be present to represent him. It was a huge group - many, many young families. The purpose of this meeting was to inform the families of the upcoming training at the National Training Center in California. This training is to ready the soldiers for their deployment later this year. It was interesting to see how much information is given out. They really want families to know what is expected of the soldiers as well as those left back home. I was impressed with all that was shared. It was good to hear how much the families are taken care of while their soldiers are away.

Kevin got home early this morning from sniper school. We figured he and Sara needed some time together before his parents descended upon them. But, Sara woke up about 4:30 this morning with the ugly stomach bug - and no, she couldn't have gotten it from us! :) So, we got called to "duty" - Gatorade and saltines were needed. :) So, we brought those over and left soon after 'cause Kev was still sleeping and Sara needed to go back to bed. We proceeded to go out to breakfast.

We got a call later in the day from Kevin asking when we were coming over to make HIM breakfast! Yeah, like that was gonna happen. We did go over for dinner this evening. And yes, I made Kevin his breakfast for dinner. Randy & Kev ran out to WalMart to pick up some stuff Kev needed for NTC (he has to take his bags in tomorrow morning at 5:00!) while I made dinner. After dinner, we sat for a bit and then came on home.

Since Kev's got a four day weekend, we're going to celebrate my birthday tomorrow night instead of waiting until Monday. Kev is never sure when he'll get off work and we're going to Topeka for dinner so it's smarter to do it when he's off.

That's about it for now. Not sure what else is happening over the next few days. I do know we're going to help the kids pack up the house as they are moving into different housing at the end of the month. But, if anything exciting happens, you know I'll be sure to share!

Until the next time . . .

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  1. Lindsay6:31 AM

    Glad you're getting to visit with them. Hugs to them for us!!!