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Saturday, May 02, 2009

An Update

Yeah, didn't post yesterday because I didn't have anything to say. Now, I know that shocks many of you, but it's true. At least, it's true that I didn't have anything of monumental importance to share. I guess I could have rambled, I'm good at that, but I just didn't feel like it.

Apparently, I've gotten a bit of the bug that bit Randy. Yesterday I was pretty lethargic (yes, more than usual!) and had a nasty headache all day. Randy was feeling better and went out to dinner with Ginny and Tommy so they could see each other a bit before we leave. I just stayed home. Unfortunately, Randy didn't eat smart (goulash?? really?? Not sure what he was thinking . . .) and his system rebelled all evening.

We talked about staying here one more night, but this morning Randy is feeling somewhat better and decided to go ahead and get on the road so that we might stay ahead of the rain. Doesn't really matter how I'm feeling since I'm just along for the ride - my words, not Randy's. ;) We figure we can always stop along the way and let Randy rest if he needs to. One of the nice things about having your house with you!

Was that enough rambling for you? Probably won't post again until we get to Kansas. We'll see how it goes.

Until the next time . . .

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  1. Was it Dorothy who said, "I don't think we're in Kansas anymore"? Hey, you get to say that too!!