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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Letter to Blackie from Buster

We have some crazy neighbors at Cedar Lake - Barry & Penny. They have become good friends over the past couple of years. If Randy & I are going to be away from the RV for the day, they are always willing to take Blackie for a walk and spoil him a bit. As a matter of fact, Penny is just crazy about Blackie. They also have a dog named Buster. Buster and Blackie met this past weekend and, apparently, Penny had a bit of time on her hands at work today 'cause Buster "wrote" Blackie a letter today. Here it is:

Dear Blackie:

It was nice seeing you this past weekend again
; even though I growled at you… Sorry about that territorial you know! My mommy will have to walk me over when you are in the screen room, with dad there of course, and we can chat We did enjoy our potty walk together last weekend and the best part was when mom gave us the biscuits when we get back…

You know, you are lucky to have a screened in porch to stay outside in and not have the mosquitoes bite you.

I think your mommy needs to talk about your adventures more in her blog’s… like the dog companions you had, whether you like it or not. I noticed Kevin’s dogs had their picture taken BUT none of you – what’s up with that??? We will have to discuss this further this weekend. She also failed to mention about your one day of peace and quiet, how you got pampered all day and had the whole 5th wheel to yourself and did not have to share the floor, couch, bed, etc. and - got all the biscuits to yourself!!! We wont mention the massage, the walks, the people food (little bites) - dont want to get any other dogs jealous.. :>)

Did your mommy/daddy take you for a ride in the golf cart yet? You like it – it’s fun! My mommy took me for a ride but I didn’t like it much… couldnt wait to get home and out of that thing - Oh well.

My mom wants me to ask your mom for the recipe of the Chicken, Ham & Rice Casserole please… of course if she makes it I get to have some with my dinner too yeah!!!

See you this weekend I will be watching you



  1. I'm with Penny....more news is needed from Blackie. It's not fair that you leave him out of the blog day after day. You should be ashamed of yourself!

  2. that made me smile!
    Poor Blackie!

  3. Barry9:09 AM

    "crazy neighbor"? Is that as in "crazy" or just "crazy" cause I'm married to Penny. Please clarify. Buster has been working on his neighbor skills Common ground- biscuits, so we'll see what happens next.Hope all is well, see ya this weekend.