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Friday, July 31, 2009

Another Month Gone!

Hard to believe that July is now over. Just two more months and we're back on the road, headed south. It does go fast.

We have had a great month - filled with family time, friends and just hanging out together. There's more of all of that coming, too. August promises to be full as well. It's so nice being close to family and being able to join in the get-togethers and see friends we don't get to see but once a year or so. Very grateful for a lifestyle that allows us this much freedom.

Sharing a laugh with Reagan at the carnival earlier this week
And we ended the month on a fun note - Reagan spent the day with us today! Jason & Lins wanted to do some work in Reagan's playroom and thought it would be easier to do so without Reagan underfoot. (Hmmmm . . . imagine that!) Anyway, of course we jumped at the chance to have Reagan with us. What a sweet little girl she was, too.

We played outside and inside 'cause of the rain. Reagan also got to ride in a golf cart for the first time! Penny took us around the park and even let Reagan "drive." :) It is so much fun to laugh with an almost-four-year-old! Everything is new to her and makes it new to me again. Reagan even rested quietly for almost two hours while I rested beside her. Then she played by herself for quite awhile. I had gotten a headache and she was just wonderful about letting me be quiet while she played. What a kid.

One of her quiet moments :)
About 5:30 we took Reagan home and were treated to steaks & veggies from the grill at Lins'. How nice that was. And a great way to end the day - and the month.

Until the next time . . .

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