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Sunday, August 02, 2009

New Year's Eve in August

Last night we celebrated New Year's Eve - that's right, you read me correctly. :) Each year the campground holds a "New Year's Eve in August" party. Of course, that makes sense since we celebrated Christmas last week, right?

This is a big deal here. Greg & LeAnn, our park owners, do a great job of this. And they are teaching their sons, Jake & Jaron, how to put on a good party, too. There are activities all day long, with a huge potluck dinner and dancing at the end of the evening. Greg & LeAnn supply the pit beef and ham and campers bring dishes to share. Once the dinner is over, a band plays for several hours while everyone has a great time.

Last year Randy & I went to the dinner and the weather was HORRIBLE! It poured rain the entire time. So, we just ate and came back to the RV. This year the weather was great. Yes, it was a bit warm and humid, but there was a breeze most of the time so it wasn't too bad. Of course, we having a great time with friends, so who cares if we were all a bit sweaty? :)

Jackie & Colin
Darlene & Dick
Just before the band started, 2009 eyeglasses and noisemakers were handed out. Also, Jaron went through the entire crowd putting beads around everyone's necks. He was an equal opportunity beader - kissing the men AND the women! :) It was a hoot. Jaron is a wonderful young man and thoroughly enjoys his role as "future owner."

Cute, aren't I?
Jaron in a beading frenzy!
He got Colin . . .
. . . and Penny (and lots of others, too!)
It was a great night!

Today was spent at home. We had planned to go to church, but lost our power just about the time I was getting out of the shower so I couldn't finish getting ready. Also, we didn't want to leave the rig without knowing when the power would come back on. So, we've had a lazy Sunday.

Tomorrow is filled with our first-of-the-month chores - banking and grocery. Both of us also have dentist appointments to complete our crown work. Fun, huh?

Hope you've had a good weekend! Until the next time . . .

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