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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Quiet Few Days

It's about 5pm on Sunday evening and we've had a quiet weekend. Of course, some of it was enforced as I wasn't very ambulatory during the latter part of last week! :) But, I am very glad to report that my blisters are almost healed and I am walking with just a bit of a limp; nothing truly noticeable.

Thursday evening we watched Reagan for a couple of hours so that Jason & Lindsay could go see Jason's grandfather. Unfortunately, it was the last time they would see him as he died early the next morning. This was totally expected and the reason they made sure to get out to him on Thursday.

Friday evening we went for an ice cream run with Penny to Bruster's, our favorite ice cream place. Penny had never been to Bruster's, but she loves ice cream and was ready to try. Needless to say, she was very happy with her brownie sundae. :)

We never left the rig on Saturday. I didn't even get dressed! Stayed in the muu-muu all day. Love it! :) Made a lot of progress on my cross stitch project and just enjoyed the day.

This morning was church where the pastor gave a great message on acceptance of others, especially those who do not "fit" in our idea of the norm. Very convicting for me, I'll admit. I do struggle with being judgmental and it was good for me to hear the things God shared today. Don't necessarily like it, but it's good for me! :)

After church we decided to go out to lunch so we stopped at a new (for us) restaurant called Mary Jane's Restaurant. Just a little local place, but very good food. We'll go back, I'm sure. Gotta try it out for breakfast, you know! :)

And that's about it for us here in Dover, PA. Tomorrow we're going to dinner at old friends' house. Don & Joyce live at Ramblin' Pines Campground where we based ourselves for the first couple of years of full-timing. We haven't seen them in two years so we're really looking forward to catching up. We also get to have a sleepover with Reagan on Tuesday night. So, we've got some things happening this week.

Hope your week is looking good, too. Until the next time . . .

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  1. You ended this post with "until next time." So when exactly is "next time"? I just need to prepare myself for a day? a week or a month? I'm hoping we get another post within the week, but that's just me!