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Monday, August 24, 2009

Things Changed Quickly

Yesterday I ended the blog with the hope that Reagan would feel better today. Well, things took a huge turn for the worse a couple hours after I posted that!

About 10:30 Reagan woke up throwing up in her bed! Needless to say, that certainly was cause for concern as we've all heard that throwing up after a head trauma is not a good thing. Lins called the emergency # of her pediatrician to see what action we needed to take. Since all of Reagan's other vital signs were good, i.e., she was responding to us, her pupils weren't dilated, etc., the nurse didn't feel she needed to go to the emergency room. However, the nurse did tell Lins that if Reagan threw up again, she should be taken immediately. Well, no sooner had Lins hung up the phone, Reagan threw up again. So, off we went to the ER. That was about 11pm.

Thankfully, the ER was empty when we got there and Reagan was taken right away. She was being such a trooper; not thrilled with having to go to the "doctor," but still being so good. After going through triage, it took about 40 minutes for the doctor to see her. Based on his exam and Lins' explanation of events and symptoms, he determined she probably had a mild concussion, but to confirm that diagnosis, it would be best to give Reagan a CAT scan.

The tech explained to us what a CAT scan would entail as none of us had ever had one. She told Reagan that her table would go through a "doughnut" and Reagan thought that was funny. Within 10 minutes, Reagan had her CAT scan and was back in the room. Then we just had to wait for the results. Praise God, the results were great - there was nothing wrong!! So, we were given our walking papers and left the ER about 1:45am. Whew! What a night.

We did sleep in a bit this morning; Reagan didn't get up until almost 9:30! So far today there haven't been any repercussions from the fall except a slight headache. We did have to take it easy today to ensure that Reagan was fine, so no pool today. The weather cooperated by being overcast and rainy off and on. We went shopping for a while, but that was it.

Our time in OC has certainly not been what we expected thus far! But, we are just grateful that Reagan is fine and we got such great care at Atlantic General Hospital ER. We are all ready for an early night tonight!

Until the next time . . .


  1. I'm SO glad she's ok!! Hope the rest of your trip is uneventful :-)

  2. Thank God Reagan is alright. It's so hard when it happens to the little ones, you just don't want them to suffer. It's hard because you just can't always stop them from falling off things, trust me, I've tried. Glad to hear the good news. I hope the rest of your visit is restful and uneventful.