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Friday, July 17, 2009

You Just Never Know . . .

. . . how life is going to change. We've had a major change in travel plans for the next year. Sound dramatic? It really isn't - it's just money. Our truck went into the shop today and we found out it needs a major repair; something about a head gasket, blah, blah, blah. I'm sure Randy could explain it to you if you're REALLY interested. The bottom line is that the repair will be thousands of dollars and that means we have to figure out where that money will come from!

After discussing our options, Randy & I decided to postpone the travel plans we had for the next year. Yes, we are very disappointed, but are trying to be optimistic and look at our blessings. Because of this RV lifestyle, we have options others do not - our expenses are very flexible. By sitting still for longer periods of time, we can drastically cut those expenses; site fees and fuel being two of them.

So, we will leave PA at the end of September and travel to Alabama for the winter. We'll come back to PA for the spring and summer. Hopefully, we'll have recouped the money spent on the truck repair by doing this and being able to pick up our travel plans, albeit a year later.

Otherwise, it's been a good week. Tuesday we went to Lake Tobias with Lindsay and Reagan. What a bargain! For $10 ($4 entry fee, $5 for the safari ride & $1 for the reptile show) you get an all day adventure. You can also take your own picnic lunch, which is very nice; so many places don't allow you to do that. We had a great time visiting with goats, alpacas, deer, and camels in the petting zoo. And the safari ride! So many different animals - with an elk climbing right up in the bus to greet us! If you're in the Harrisburg, PA area, you need to check this place out!

Entrance to Lake Tobias - those are antlers!
Getting on the safari bus
Emus and rheas
Amazed at all the animals
Fallow deer
The llamas were happy to see us
Momma & baby buffalo
Elk came onto the bus
Feeding the goats

Wednesday was spent cleaning the RV. Four adults and four dogs for a week and a half in an RV make quite a mess! (It was worth it, though!) Randy did his major vacuuming/dusting and I majorly cleaned the bathroom and stripped the bed and remade it. I also got the laundry ready (that may not sound like a lot, but we had LOTS of laundry to do).

Yesterday began with a workout at Curves for me, then it was off to Lindsay's for laundry. Randy had a dentist appointment to begin his crown work. After he got back we dropped the truck off at the shop; I took him back to the RV and then went back to Lindsay's. Blackie & I stayed over her house last night so we could be out of Randy's way while he steam-cleaned the carpets and couch.

While Randy was working hard at the RV today, Lindsay, Reagan & I played. We went to an area mall that Lins had not been to yet. We just walked around, checking out various stores. Lindsay especially wanted to go into Kirkland's - she really likes that store! I am not a big fan of shopping, but I am a HUGE fan of spending time with Lins & Reagan! :) I did get a couple of fun pics during our stop at Old Navy. :)

Hanging out with the Old Navy kids . . .
. . . and their dog

And now we're back to how I started this post - the truck. Once Randy got the call regarding the repairs the truck needed and we found out that it would be in the shop for the next week, I figured I might as well go home, so Lins & Reagan drove me home.

Whew. This has certainly turned into a long post. Sorry 'bout that. Just wanted to share our news with you.

Until the next time . . .


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about the truck. Car trouble really sucks! We are having trouble with Deb's car, no need to say more, you definiely trump me on car repairs.

  2. Sorry to hear about your truck troubles. It must be more than a head gasket to cost that much.
    Happy Trails. Penny, TX