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Thursday, August 09, 2012


Yesterday was THE day! What day, you ask? THE day we finally got to see Another picture AubreyLynn!!! Yes, I was that excited I need to use many exclamation points. :)

About 8:15am, Randy and I loaded up the truck and headed out. First stop was to the Circle C Cafe in Paola. Y'all know we're always looking for a good local restaurant, so we thought we'd try this one for breakfast. It was pretty good. A little pricey, I thought, for the area, but the food was good, so we'll back, I'm sure. They also serve lunch and dinner.

After we'd finished breakfast, we headed south. We had about an hour's drive ahead of us according to the GPS. It ended up a little less than that and it was a pleasant drive. I was grateful for that because we'll be doing it quite a bit over the next couple of months. :)

I have to made a confession – I was nervous! I know that seems silly, after all, this is a baby. But, I wanted so much for her to love us, and I was afraid she wouldn't warm up very quickly. In anticipation of that, I took a bribe with me. Yes, I am not above resorting to bribery when it comes to my grandkids. :)

After being greeted by Donna, Sam's mom, with a big hug, she called AubreyLynn's name. AubreyLynn was in the living room and when she turned, Donna told her to look who was here – it's Nana. Well, I gotta tell you, my heart just about split open when AubreyLynn grinned and quickly crawled over to us! Donna picked her up and introduced us. When I put out my hands to see if she'd come to me, she smiled real big and came right to me! You know I melted about then. She also took to Randy pretty quickly, too.

DSCF0529 Nana snuggle time! Such a smirk! DSCF0537

Well, that is how how day went. We played with AubreyLynn, got caught up with Donna, and I did laundry while AubreyLynn napped. Randy got caught up on all his emails. Unfotunately, Samantha wasn't home as she had some appointments up at Ft. Riley. But, we'll see her next week when we visit.

When Steve, Sam's dad, got home, we went to Pizza Hut for dinner. From there, Randy & I said our good-byes, hugged AubreyLynn hard, and came on home.

I cannot describe how wonderful it was to finally have AubreyLynn in my arms and able to play with her. She is a busy little thing, always on the move. That is, unless “her” show is on. She absolutely loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, an animated show on Disney Channel. When that is on, you cannot get her to look at her, talk to you, or pay attention to anything else. It is a riot.

We are looking forward to more good times together over the next couple of months. This is one happy Nana. :)

Until the next time . . .


  1. The long drive to get there, do able; the wait time to see her, bearable; the picture of you holding AubreyLynn...PRICELESS!!!!!
    Glad you had such a great first of many visits. So happy for you guys!

  2. Anonymous1:59 PM

    She is such a cutie!!!!! Enjoy!!