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Monday, August 06, 2012

It’s Vewy, Vewy Quiet

That's about all I have to say. This is gonna be a quiet gig.

Friday Randy & I went with Jim, the park ranger (yes, I called him an engineer in a previous post, but he's not) on an orientation tour of the lake, state park and its surrounding areas. It's huge! Jim took us down every road that led to a boat ramp or fishing area, through the state park and its three camping areas, and anywhere else he could think of. By the time we got back to the office, two hours had gone by! I was shocked. It's a really nice area, though.

Saturday and Sunday we didn't work. The Visitor Center is closed on Sundays and Gale and I will alternate working on Saturdays.

So, we were very lazy Saturday, just hung out at home, watching TV. Life is very different with virtually no internet/cell service at our site. I knew that I was addicted to my computer and smart phone, but am finding out just how very much. I have other hobbies such as cross stitching and reading and now I am realizing how I've been neglecting them. I mean, I kinda knew, but . . .

Sunday we tried to go to church. I say “tried” because when we arrived we found that instead of having worship, the folks were out serving in the community. The couple of young women I spoke to seem very nice and we'll be back this coming Sunday.

We had planned to take a drive around the area after church, so we just got an earlier start on that. There really wasn't much to see. Paola, the closest town, is very small and you are through it before you realize. We did stop at the WalMart and picked up a few things that we had forgotten to get when we went last week.

Then, we drove north of the lake to another small town, Spring Hill. It had a little strip center with a couple of restaurants, gas station, etc.

And that was our drive. We were back home by noon, having left just a little past 10am. :) We changed out of our church clothes and got back into our recliners for another day of Olympics.

This morning Randy and I are on duty without Denny & Gale. And it's quiet.

Do you hear a recurring theme?

Until the next time . . .


  1. Sounds like you could hunt wabbits!!! We like vewy, vewy quiet, a lot. But, like you, are addicted to our computers and cell phones (we can, for the most part, do without TV). Take a nap for us as we head off to w*rk.

  2. When I put explanation points in my comments they come out as Ls - what the L is up with that? !!!

  3. Paola...Spring Hill... You're hitting all the hot spots!!! :-) One of our favorite RV techs in the country is in Paola. If you need anything, call A-Z Mobile RV.

    You're only about 30 minutes from real civilization....Olathe!

    Actually, you're making me homesick! Have fun and enjoy the peace and quiet!