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Monday, August 20, 2012

Plans Postponed

No birthday party this past weekend! :( AubreyLynn was a sick little girl. I had come home from visiting with her last week and felt a cold coming on. I was afraid maybe I'd given her something or vice versa. However it happened, it seems that AubreyLynn got the worst end of the deal. I have battled a head cold these past few days while she has had a fever, congestion, stuffy nose, you name it. Poor baby girl.

So, the party has been rescheduled to next Sunday. Thankfully, she doesn't know the difference. But, the adults in her life were sure disappointed!

AubreyLynn's actual birthday was Friday. And she was able to celebrate with her daddy and mommy. Because of the wonders of technology, Kevin skype'd with Samantha and AubreyLynn Friday morning and was able to wish his little one a happy birthday and see her cake. He even got a birthday kiss from her!

Giving her daddy kisses on her bday

If that doesn't make you tear up, you have no heart!! :) I'll tell you this mom/nana was crying, for sure! And here are a couple of other birthday celebration pictures.

This is what a family picture looks like when one member is deployed:

Family picture on AL's bday

And what else would a little girl who loves Mickey wear?

Bday girl in her Minnie ears

With our plans changed, we ended up having a pretty quiet weekend. Saturday was spent in front of the TV, reading or cross stitching. It was even nice enough outside that I spent a couple of hours in my lounge chair on the patio!

Of course, this morning we went to church. We are enjoying the church we've found just a few miles away in “downtown” Paola. It's called The Journey and it's a Southern Baptist church, but not your grandma's Southern Baptist church. :) Very contemporary, but with good messages. I'm grateful we found it. Often when we travel, we aren't able to find a church with good music and good preaching. And the folks here are very welcoming and personable.

We're working today, then we have off tomorrow and Wednesday. We'll work Thursday and Friday and I'll work Saturday. It will be the last Saturday I work because after Labor Day the Visitor Center will be closed on weekends.

That's it for now. Until the next time . . .


  1. That truly is a precious picture!

  2. Darrell and Judy6:10 PM

    We concur with Mike and Peggy - Precious, indeed.

    Closing on weekends after Labor Day? That's strange, most places close on the week days and are opened on the weekends after Labor Day.

    Anyway, glad you found a nice church. We can't wait to get back to our "home" church but, in the meantime, we'll worship at World Outreach Church in Murfreesboro, Tennessee (our other "home" church).