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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Guilers-1; Aliens-0

To put it mildly, Randy is a complete Sci Fi fan. So, being just 50 miles south of Roswell, New Mexico, you know that means we had to visit that town.

Driving into Roswell, there is no impression that it is any different than any other small town. Once you're in downtown, the alien presence make itself known - in boutiques, t-shirt shops, souvenir stores, etc. Then, you come to the UFO Museum and you know you've arrived.

The actual "Roswell Incident of 1947" happened on a farm just northwest of the town. The museum incorporates all aspects of UFOs: sightings, movies, TV, explanations of the different categories of encounters, etc. Of course, the first exhibit is all about the Roswell incident, giving a timeline of the week it happened.

It is a very interesting exhibit, I have to admit. There are many, many witness affidavits from folks who first talked to the farmer who brought the parts of the flying saucer to the authorities; from authorities, and from the farmer himself. There are also affidavits from adult children who were told the story as they were growing up. You'll also find statements from military officials who were part of what is now considered "The Cover Up." One of the statements I found most intriguing was about the nurse who supposedly assisted the doctors who examined the aliens who crashed. She gave such specific information about them that it makes you wonder. Click on the pictures below for a closer look. I took just a few pictures because so much of it was letters, newspaper articles and such. You'll find more on our Webshots site.

Other exhibits were interesting as well: pictures of sightings from all over the world, explanation of crop circles and pictures of them; and statements from astronauts, presidents, military officials, and world leaders on their belief in alien life as well as their sightings.

Randy & I came away feeling like we had been challenged in our thinking about alien life. Not saying that I totally believe there is life on other planets, but I gotta say some of the exhibits really gave me food for thought. Interesting . . .

We've been having phenomenal weather - it was in the high 80s today! We're told this is unusual for this time of year, it's normally in the 60s. We had to have the A/C on today!! Not too shabby for February. :)

Tomorrow is our last day here; Friday we move on to southwestern New Mexico to Deming. We plan to visit the Living Desert Zoo tomorrow as it's supposed to be pretty cool. We'll see!

Until the next time . . .

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