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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Took a Break Today

The plan for today was to go to the Living Desert Zoo. Well, plans change. Randy & I both felt like having a lazy day instead. My legs are STILL hurting from that walk down into the caverns on Tuesday. Yeah, call me a wimp if you want, but make that walk first and then tell me what you think! ;)

Anyway, we did a whole lot of nothing today, which was kinda nice. The weather was warm once again but we also had the fierce wind back. I went for a walk around the park (since I wasn't doing anything else and hadn't been to Curves all week) and when walking westward I was fighting the wind. It was WINDY!! Hey, did I say it was windy today? :)

During my walk I took some pictures of various sites. Since this is a co-op and not just a campground, the site owners really personalize their sites. Some have built small buildings called "casitas" which are used as extra rooms and they are as individual as their owners. Others have the usual sheds, still others have fences and shrubbery and yard art. All of them are very neat and well-kept. Thought I'd share them with you.

Typical RV site

Casita on site, but no RV

With RV & casita

Fancy casita - looks like an old mission to me

His & Hers?

After my walk I went up to the clubhouse for the Stitch and B**ch session. I'm not kidding - that's what it's called! I thought it might be fun, so I took my current cross stitch project and stitched away for the next hour. The women were welcoming and there really wasn't much b**ching, just a lot of talk about who has come into the park and who hasn't.

The rest of the day was spent watching TV, reading, watching the wind blow the flags around and hoping the satellite dish stayed up! ;)

We're supposed to leave here tomorrow and travel to the western part of the state to Deming. The only reason we won't leave is if the wind continues to blow at 40 to 50 MPH. We have to travel over some mountains, so that wouldn't be fun with a fierce wind. Right now, though, the forecast is for the winds to subside. We'll see in the morning.

Until the next time . . .


  1. Anonymous8:20 AM

    Welcome to Carlsbad :-) If you happen to stay through the weekend come visit us at First Baptist Church Sunday morning. We have two services- 8:15a.m. and 10:45a.m. I've thoroughly enjoyed following your blog!

  2. Sounds like you guys are having a great time. You are right about the wind and there is nothing to stop it but a catcus!

    Safe travels.

    Hugs to you both!