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Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Sunny Sunday

The plan for the morning was to go to breakfast, church and the grocery. We were going to church in Artesia which is about 20 minutes north of us, so we figured we'd find a place to have breakfast somewhere along the way. We did just that; had a good breakfast and were done in plenty of time for the 10:15 worship service.

Well . . .we got to the church at 10am and quickly found out that the service didn't start until 11am. I was a little annoyed because I had checked their website and saw that they had a new service time of 10:15. We were invited to go to Sunday School, but didn't feel comfortable doing that since we were only here for a week. I told the gentleman that their website said their service was at 10:15. I wasn't nasty, but I'm sure he knew I was annoyed. We decided to drive around, to look for a couple of places we needed to find and then come back for the service.

**I found out this evening when I checked the website again that I had inadvertently found the website for FIRST Baptist Church of Artesia instead of FAITH Baptist Church of Artesia. I feel like a jerk and wish I could go back and apologize to the guy. The only difference in the two churches' websites are ".com" and ".org" - wonder how many other people have done that. Just proves to me once again that I need to check my arrogance at the door, better yet I need to get rid of it altogether!!**

We mailed a couple of cards and found a place to get our propane tank filled, then headed back to church. After attending worship service, which I enjoyed and Randy thought was okay, we went to WalMart to do a little grocery shopping.

Back home, Randy was very industrious. He gave Blackie a bath, washed the dishes from yesterday, and checked the RV batteries. He earned the nap he took! :) I was less industrious, to say the least. I played around on the computer and watched TV.

After our dinner of spinach quesadillas this evening, we went up to the clubhouse for the monthly birthday/anniversary dessert social. We sat with some "neighbors" from South Dakota. We share the same mail forwarding service in Emery. Whenever we see SD license plates that begin with 34, we know those folks probably have that service. We enjoyed sharing stories with Jack & Sally as well as the desserts we ate. As always, RVers know how to eat!

It was good day - beautiful, sunny skies with some wind and 70 degrees. Seems it's windy here most of the time. Guess you get used to it. But, anytime you get temps in the 70s and it's February, ya gotta love it!

Looking forward to exploring some more tomorrow. We'll see what we can find to share with you!

Until the next time . . .

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