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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Just a Couple of Normal Days

Yeah, I know - I didn't post yesterday. I meant to, I really did, but it just didn't happen. Well, you didn't miss anything 'cause we didn't do much of anything!

Yesterday was a chore day. Randy drove me to Curves (this is becoming a habit!) but it turned out to be a good thing because we couldn't find the club! The road system here is a bit strange. Around the highway, there are frontage roads on which all the stores, restaurants, etc., are set. You get off the highway, merging onto these roads to get to wherever you want to go. They are only one way and if you get off at the wrong exit, you have to go round and round until you get on the right road going the right way! I know, it sounds very confusing because it is!!

We ended up calling the club and the manager talked us through getting there. Whew! Are you as tired reading all this as we were trying to do it????

After my workout we went to the grocery for just a few things. Then headed back home to clean. Yuck. You know, we only have about 400 square feet to clean, but we still put it off as much as possible. We can always find something better to do! However, we were adults and did what we had to do. I dusted and cleaned the bathroom and Randy vacuumed. Done! Well, as least for awhile, then we'll have to do it again. I think that's why I hate it - it never ends!!

See, you really didn't miss much from yesterday. :)

And I'm sorry to tell you that today wasn't much more interesting. We did sleep late, for us at least, we didn't get up until 7:30! (Deb, I can hear you now! :) Randy took Blackie out for his morning constitutional and then we went out to breakfast for our Valentine's Day celebration. Can you guess where we went? C'mon, take a guess! Okay, okay, I'll tell you - Cracker Barrel! What a shock, I know. :) It was number 66. As always, we enjoyed our meal and each other.

From breakfast we did a little shopping - very little! I wanted to see if I could find a winter robe, so we went to Target, but as usual I was too late. All the winter stuff is pretty much gone. We also went to the AT&T store to see if we needed to upgrade our air card, it's been giving us a little trouble lately. But, we're not eligible for any upgrades until June. The associate did switch out the SIM card saying it may help. I don't see any difference though. From there we went to Bed Bath & Beyond to look for towels, but didn't find what we wanted. Then to Best Buy to check out a router for turning our air card into a network in case we get another computer. I also wanted to check out the iPods 'cause I think I'm going to get one.

And that was it! The extent of our day. We've been home ever since just relaxing and watching several shows we've recorded. Dinner was a bit of this and that 'cause neither of us was very hungry because of that big breakfast.

Tomorrow I'm going to have lunch with one of the girls, now a young woman!, who was in my small group when I served in the Youth Ministry in Maryland. I'm pretty excited about it. I haven't seen Kendra in more than six years! Can't wait to catch up with her.

Hope you're having a good weekend! Snuggle up to your sweetie tonight. :)

Until the next time . . .

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