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Friday, January 22, 2010

Getting Back into a Routine . . . or Not

We're still trying to get back to some sort of routine. Yesterday we had to go to the grocery because the cupboards were bare. Of course, since the cupboards were bare, we just had to go to breakfast first! :)

Errands finished: grocery, propane tank filled, fuel tank filled and back home. The weather was overcast and perfect for catching up on some of the shows we'd DVR'd while we were gone. Well, I caught up on some shows, Randy helped our landlord, Ron, move furniture out of his house into a storage container on their lot. (They are having a house built and have to empty their mobile home as it has been sold.)

Pat & Dick invited over to their rig for dinner. Ron & Ruth were there, too. Dinner was yummy, but catching up with friends was better. :) We couldn't believe it when we realized it was 9:30! The time flew by as it often does when you're with friends.

Today was even more laid back - if you can believe that! In the morning, I sat outside in the sunny, 70 degree weather and worked on my Bible study lesson. Randy was busy putting out the awning and hooking up the outside lights.

This afternoon Pat and I went for pedicures and a manicure for me. Once home, I found Randy napping so I watched a few more recorded shows. Later we went to Walmart and dropped off prescriptions that needed refilling.

This evening was dinner and more TV. See how exciting we are?!?!? :) Tomorrow is laundry and then a dulcimer gig for me.

Until the next time . . .

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