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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Weekend Recap

I don't have much exciting to share with you. With the terribly cold weather, we've been staying inside and keeping warm.

Yesterday we endeavored to get my dad online with his new netbook computer. What a bust that was! We couldn't get him connected to our router (and I'm very disappointed in Cradlepoint - I sent them an email and am STILL waiting for a response!). So, Daddy & Randy went to Walmart and bought a Linksys router. We followed directions but still couldn't get him connected. There's something hinky about their internet connection. They already have a modem through which they get DSL and there weren't enough places to put the wires supposedly needed. Anyway, it was efforts in futility all day. So, we've got a call into a computer tech my folks have used before; hopefully he/she will be able to figure out the problem. I feel bad for Daddy, though. He's got this neat new toy and can't do much with it.

I did make a big breakfast for us and then our favorite Cheddar Chicken Spaghetti for dinner. I had one busy day! But, managed to never get out of my jammies. :)

This morning we went to church with my mom. Football was the order for the rest of the day. YAY Baltimore Ravens!! WooHOOOOOOOO!! Just now we're watching the GB/Cardinals game as it goes into overtime. What a game that's been!

That's it from the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Exciting, huh? Who knows what us wild and crazy guys will do tomorrow?!?! Until the next time . . .


  1. Ugh! 18 degrees this morning in NC. I knew I should have moved to Florida, oh wait, it's cold down there too! Can't wait for the 50s to start again this Thursday, getting my sunblock out! Have a great day.

  2. Mmmmmmm. Cheddar chicken spaghetti. I've gotta make that soon.