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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Another Leak?? Maybe, Maybe Not

I had several things planned for today. Paperwork type things, but still, they needed to be done. Somehow only a couple of them got done.

First, Randy tells me we've got another leak. UGH!! Really?? REALLY???? What? One by one the clamps are going to go? I realize the rig is seven years old and things are going to start needing repair, but c'mon! Every couple of days a new leak? Anyway, at least it's something Randy can fix. It's just not a comfortable place to work in.

Then, Kevin asked me to spend some time with the dogs this morning because Zoe, the littlest one seems to be having trouble getting used to her new surroundings. Okay, I go over and play with the dogs for a bit.

Back at our rig, I try to do some of the paperwork I'd planned to do. Then, the electricity goes out. Randy's stuffed in the storage area checking on the leak, so I go out and check the power. Seems like everything's okay there, so I ask Randy to check. All of a sudden, the electricity comes back on.

Less than two minutes later, it's out again. I call the office to see if the campground is having electrical problems. Of course, the answer is nothing has been reported, but the owner will come down and check it out. In less than a minute after I hang up, the electricity comes back on. We go through this one more time – off, then on.

The owner comes down and checks out the shore power, but doesn't see anything wrong. Our surge protector said there was the voltage went too high and that's why it shut the power off. Well, good to know it works. Thankfully, after the last off/on, the power has stayed on the rest of the day. Guess it was a blip in the system. Grateful for the surge protector doing its job!

By now it's lunch time and Kevin's home for lunch. Also, Randy discovers the leak has stopped. What the heck? So, he was spared having to repair something that doesn't seem to need repairing. He's gonna keep an eye on it, though.

The rest of the day was uneventful. YAY!! Now, that's what I'm talkin' about. :)

Until the next time . . .

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