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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Last Weekend of the Month

It seems like this month has crawled by; not sure why 'cause we've been busy for most of it. I guess there's been so much anticipation of things happening that the days couldn't pass quickly enough. Now, all of a sudden, we're looking at the end of the month in just a few days. Wonder what October will bring?

As crazy as most of the month was, these past few days have been filled with a lot of do-nothingness. Since Kevin has been using our truck while his is in the shop, we've been “stranded” at the RV. And up until yesterday, that was okay. But, by yesterday I had had enough of nothing. :) Now, I can be as lazy as they come (just ask my mom!), but after a few days, I gotta get out and do something.

Yesterday I got outside and sat in my lounge chair and read. The weather was just perfect.

This morning Randy & I went off to church while Kevin was going to the storage unit to begin emptying it. He picked us up after church and I saw that there was nothing in the bed of the truck! Turns out the storage unit didn't open until noon. Oh, well. What can you do with an hour or so? We had breakfast at Cracker Barrel, what else! :) After that, off we went to the storage unit to fill the bed of the truck.

Then, it was on to WalMart to pick up a few items to get us through the week until we can make our first-of-the-month grocery run. Kev also needed some things.

From WalMart we headed home. Randy & Kevin unloaded the truck and then headed back to storage to pick up the rest of the stuff. They were able to get it all in that second run. Then, the fun started – finding places for everything! :) I went over for a bit to put clothes away in drawers and the closet. That boy has a LOT of Army stuff. Whew.

About a quarter to six, I decided it was time to get some dinner started. I left Kevin to continue his unpacking and went home. When it was ready, Kev came down to eat with us. We didn't have a big dinner, just a taco dip that we really love, but it was enough to fill us up. :)

Dinner's over, Kev's gone back home, and Randy & I are settled in for the night. Tomorrow promises to be busy; I'm going to take Kev to work, then hit Curves and then go to the laundramat and tackle the mountain of laundry we've amassed. Fun.

Until the next time . . .

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