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Friday, September 17, 2010

Just Another Day . . .

What can I say? Today was much like yesterday – including a trip to WalMart! Kevin had some errands to do so he drove into town with me.

We dropped off prescription refills at WalMart first. I have to tell you about Diana, the pharmacy tech. She provided me with great customer service. I had one prescription that needed my doctor's okay to fill 'cause I was out of refills. Typically, my doctor's office calls in to the local WalMart in York, PA and then I have it transferred wherever we happen to be. Well, it hadn't gotten called in yet and I was ready to drop off the other refills. Diana called my doctor's office to get the prescription! I was so impressed. I thanked her profusely and when I picked up the meds, I made sure I spoke to the pharmacist to let him know. I also told one of the managers of the store.

Too often we are quick to complain when we feel we've not been treated properly. But, we are not as quick to tell someone when they provide good service. I try very hard to let folks know when I am pleased. So, I did. :)

From WalMart, Kevin dropped me off at Curves and he went off to do his errands. I got a good workout and was ready when Kev came to pick me up.

Then, it was back to Walmart to pick up the meds and some groceries. I told Kevin I'm done with WalMart for the week!! I was there two days in a row. That's plenty. Of course, when we got home, I realized I had forgotten to get toilet cleaner. Ugh. Oh, well. I'll have to pick it up another day.

The rest of the day was spent in the usual way. TV, computers, a little napping. :)

Until the next time . . .


  1. That is so funny that you said you complimented someone and mentioned we rarely do that. My sister has been complimenting service a lot lately especially service at restaurants and it's funny how leery management is to come over. But once they do they are happy they did.

  2. I'm always happy to see good service noticed. I worked in retail for over 20 years, the latter most in management and we always heard the bad stuff but rarely the good. It's a real boost to have your efforts appreciated!