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Friday, April 27, 2012

The Last Day

Today was our last day of work – until we get back in December! It's kinda bittersweet. While I am so excited to be heading back East to see our family, I have really enjoyed our time here in Bonifay. But, we've got a lot planned for the next six months, so I'm sure it will go quickly.

The highlight for me today was lunch with some of the women from church. A few of them were from my Bible study group and the others are members of the choir. Belinda's mom-in-law even joined us.

My good-bye lunch

We went to a local seafood restaurant which is just across the street from the campground. It's a small place, less than 10 tables, I'd say. But, oh, was the food delicious! And it was so nice to be loved enough to have these women take time to say a special good-bye to me.

As I've said before, Bonifay has welcomed us with open arms and lots of love. Such a nice surprise.

Tomorrow we're going grocery shopping. The rest of the weekend and Monday will be spent getting ready to hit the road on Tuesday. Wow, May is here already. Amazing.

Until the next time . . .


  1. Anonymous10:42 AM

    Can't wait to hug you so be careful on the road but get the lead out!

    Big distal!

  2. Anonymous10:43 AM

    Sista! I hate spellcheck!

  3. I hate it that you are leaving but I know you will be back. I also know the Lord has blessed all of us here in Bonifay by bringing you and Randy here. (((Hugs))) and safe travels!