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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Two Weeks

That's it. That's how long we have until we hitch up the truck and get back on the road. So hard to believe. Back in January, I was thinking how long the four months were going to be and now, it's almost over!

Reflecting on our time here, I've learned a couple of things. Actually, I've been reminded of them. :)

First, sometimes ya gotta take a chance. When we decided last spring to workamp this winter, we had no idea where we'd end up. We tried to find something in Lower Alabama since that's where we'd been spending our winters the last few years; that didn't work out. Then, it looked like we had a job in the RGV in Texas. Nope, didn't happen. I began to wonder if we would find a job at all. Then, we were contacted by the owner of Florida Springs RV in Bonifay, Florida.

HUH? Where the heck is Bonifay, Florida????

Well, Alicia and I talked a couple of times, exchanged a couple of emails and voila! We had a job. Sight unseen; knowing nothing about the area, but it was a position. And that's what we wanted.

Second, God places you where you need to be; sometimes in spite of yourself. :) When we pulled in here in January and saw that Bonifay is a little town with not a lot to offer in the way of “stuff to do,” I wondered what the heck we were going to do in our time off and just how long the four months was going to be. Boy, was I ever wrong!!

There might not be a lot to do in Bonifay, but it's a town that has loved us. Andy & Alicia have treated us like family and we have become more than employer/employee, we are friends. We found a church that is filled with people who love God and His people. And they have embraced us and made us feel like one of their own.

Third, take what God gives you and find the joy in it. Randy & I do that; it's who we are. We are not ones to sit and whine in our circumstances; we find contentment in them, no matter what they are. When we couldn't find a position where we wanted and found ourselves in an area we knew nothing about, in a park that was strange to us, we could have moaned and groaned and just “put up with it.”

But, that's not what we did. We came to Florida Springs RV with anticipation, wondering how this adventure would play out. And I am so glad we did! This has been such a good experience – we've made new friends; introduced old friends to the park; helped in the continuing improvements to the park – and we are grateful for it.

The next two weeks are going to fly by. And it will be with mixed emotions that we leave. We have come to love this park and this area so much that we have already committed to coming back next winter – the first of December, as a matter of fact. But, we are excited to be back on the road, heading to family. The summer and early fall will be filled with time with family and that's always a good thing.

Always thanking God for this life He's given us.

Relaxing at FSRV

Until the next time . . .


  1. You're right, the next two weeks will fly by, safe travels and hope our paths cross.

    Stay Safe

  2. I'm so glad that gig worked out well for you. Safe travels and enjoy the family; or should I say the grandbabies.

  3. Anonymous7:37 AM

    Wonderful people! Keep enjoying what you do!