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Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Weekend

I really don't have much to share – I've worked the past three days, filling in for Alicia yesterday. The park is very quiet this time of year, so it gets a bit boring in the office. But, I've made quite a bit of progress on my cross stitch project, so that's a good thing.

We also spent time watching the weather radar in the Midwest, very concerned about Kevin, Sam, AubreyLynn and Sam's family. It looked like they could get some of those nasty storms. In addition to watching the radar, I was praying for the safety of everyone in that area. Before going to bed, I talked to Kevin and they were staying put in the RV while AubreyLynn was with her grandma about two hours south of them.

About 1:15am (yes, AM!), I get a text from Kevin that Ft. Riley's sirens were going off and they were headed to Sam's folks'. I wasn't thrilled with them driving in the weather, but I checked the radar and it seemed they'd be driving away from the storms. So, again, I went to praying. I did ask him to text me when they arrived. They didn't.

By 9am, we were getting ready to leave for church and I had called Kevin, Sam & Sam's mom, Donna to see if they had arrived safely. I figured they probably had, but you never know and it would be nice to have confirmation. I even took my phone into church, which I never do, in case I got a text or call. (Don't worry, the phone was on vibrate.) About 10am, I got a text from Donna saying Kevin & Sam had arrived sometime during the night; she just didn't hear them come in. She apologized for not responding – she had left her phone in the bedroom and didn't hear it. I just appreciated her getting back to me. And did I hear from Kevin? Yes. At 3:20 this afternoon!!! Ugh. Kids just don't get it sometimes.

But, they are safe and I am grateful for that. So many families haven't gotten that good news this weekend.

Randy & I are joining Andy & Alicia for dinner this afternoon in the clubhouse. Andy's mom and sister are here from Canada and Alicia's family is coming over to see them. They graciously invited us to join them for dinner. Isn't that nice? I love feeling like family!

Our weather is still sunny, but it has gotten humid. Ugh. Don't like the humidity. But, we've got the A/C on and we're comfy. :)

Hope y'all had a good weekend! Until the next time . . .


  1. Glad to hear the kids are safe!! You are so right...they don't get it but the important thing is they are alright!!

  2. Glad your family is safe. Those storms are sure nasty.