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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Summer Plans

As hard as it is to believe, it's time to look at our summer plans. Well, I have to be truthful – I'm always looking at the next itinerary. I just love planning our route, checking out campgrounds, investigating how cheaply we can travel from one place to another. :)

We will take most of the month of May to travel to our ultimate destination of Dover, PA. Our route will take us through LaGrange Georgia for a too-short visit with friends, Mike & Gerri; and Cumming, Georgia to spend a few days with family we haven't seen in too long; then on to Union, Kentucky for a week's visit with friends, Ray & Judy, who we met during our first winter of full-timing. From Kentucky we'll turn eastward and head toward the Atlantic Ocean, stopping just short of getting the RV wet. :) My folks live a couple miles west of the beach. We'll stay with them for several days before making the last leg of trip which ends in Dover, PA.

June & July will be spent in PA. We have some much needed granddaughter time to make up. It has been far too long – since October!! - since we've seen Reagan, and her parents, too, of course. :) We also need to get some time with our grandson, Tommy and his parents.

Then, in late July, we'll be back on the road, heading west to Kansas. We were able to secure a volunteer position at the Corps of Engineers park in Paola, KS for August through October. Paola is just about an hour away from AubreyLynn, so we're going to get lots of time with her. I'm pretty excited about that. She's growing so fast and we've not seen her since October, either.

So, in just three short paragraphs, you have our summer plans. It's gonna be different for us. But, that will be kinda nice.

Until the next time . . .


  1. Any chance that late July heading out west trip will take you through Columbus? Please, let's make plans if it does.....Daniela would get a huge kick out of seeing Reagan's grandma here!

  2. Looks like our paths will cross this year.

    Stay Safe

  3. We are so excited to be able to spend whatever time we can with you and Randy. Countdown has started!!!