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Sunday, June 17, 2012

An All-around Good Day

Yeah, I know it's Father's Day, but I figured half the blog world would have posts with that in the title somehow. So, I figured I'd be a little different – what else is new! ;)

And I think it's been a good Father's Day for Randy. We got out of the house early to attend the 9am worship service with Jason & Lindsay at their church. Because of the size of the church you have to get there at least 20 to 30 minutes before service starts in order to get a parking place! Now, that's a happening church! Therefore, we were out the door at 8am.

After service, we caravanned over to Bob Evans for a Father's Day breakfast. Father's Day breakfast with the Hamilton Family As always, the meal was tasty and the company even sweeter. (There is a balloon guy there every Sunday, hence the flamingo on top of Reagan’s head.)

We said good-bye to the kids after breakfast and we headed home. Once there, it didn't take us long to get out of our “church clothes” and into our lounging clothes. Then, we found our way to the recliners. :)

But, before we could really get into our relaxing mode, we had one more thing to do. Sam had texted me last night letting me know that Kevin wanted us to get on Skype today. I launched the program and before I was really ready, there he was! Technology is phenomenal – allowing us to communicate with our deployed soldier. We couldn't video chat due to his lousy internet connection, but we were able to text via Skype. We had a good fifteen minute or so conversation during which he bid his dad a happy Father's Day. We were also able to “hear” that he's doing well. A soothing balm Yum!to a mother's (and father's) heart. And we were sure to bid Kevin a happy Father's Day as he celebrates his first of many. His little one likes to play in the dirt (and eat a little bit of it, too)!

Randy heard from our oldest, Ginny, via email and Facebook. She sent him a Cracker Barrel gift card – does she know her dad or what! :)

Our kids are the greatest.

I also called my daddy to wish him a happy Father's Day. I am blessed to have my daddy in fairly good health and pretty active. He is a great man and I love being his daughter.

I hope that all you dads have had a good day celebrating. And we need to remember that there are guys out there for whom this day is painful, for different reasons. To those guys, I pray that you know that THE Father loves you.

Until the next time . . .


  1. Sweet post! Got me a little misty eyed!

  2. Very nice post. So glad you had a wonderful day and got to connect with kids. You are lucky to still have your dad in your life. Love the ending to your post.