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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Last Few Days

The last few days have been a bit crazy; busy, but not really. Confused? Yeah, I know. That's how I feel, too. :)

After our long day on Tuesday, going to the Crayola Factory which was a two hour drive one way, the last thing I really wanted to do was get back in the truck for another two hour drive. But, that's exactly what we did on Wednesday. And it was soooooo worth it!

You see, my cousin and her husband were in the US from Wales. They were here for the wedding of my cousin's college roommateI haven't seen her in five years so driving a couple of hours to have lunch together was nothing. My cousin, Lou, is an American and she married Tim 27 years ago and moved to Wales. We laugh about it because prior to that, she'd hardly ever left Washington, DC much less the country!!

Anyway, we drove from Dover, PA to Silver Spring, MD to meet Tim & Lou Tim & MaryLou Slateras they had taken the Metro from Alexandria VA up. (An aside: if you're in the DC area, the Metro is THE way to get around!) The toughest part about the trip was finding a place to park our behemoth truck in the congested city. But, we found a parking garage with a seven foot clearance and that's what we needed!

Once we'd met up, we found a Mexican restaurant within walking distance and proceeded to spend the next THREE hours talking! I don't know that surprised me, after all it had been five years since we'd seen one another. Anyway, we had a wonderful afternoon. Lou and I had been pretty close growing up as we were the only cousins our age.Terry & MaryLou And having Facebook to keep in touch has been great, too. Hopefully, it won't be another five years, but if it is, that's okay 'cause we're still family.

Thursday was a very different kind of day. It started with picking up our new glasses. And yes, we still look pretty darn good. :) Then, it was on to the dentist so I could have my tooth extracted. It wasn't too bad, although the tooth did not want to come out! But, I love our dentist. He is such a nice man. He even called me later in the afternoon to be sure I was doing okay!

After the dentist, we stopped at the grocery store to pick up some soft foods. I never thought about that!Then, we went to Lindsay's to do our laundry. I was doing pretty good, still pretty numb most of the afternoon, so that was good.

Once the numbing wore off, I was quite sore and have been until today. I was also quite a bit “off my feed” so to speak. And I didn't expect that at all. Today I'm feeling more like myself, but still not quite there. Hopefully, tomorrow will be even better. I just have to get used to this hole in my mouth (notice I didn't say in my head!!)

Yesterday we lounged around all day. The RV repairman did come and replace our slide toppers, so that's the last of the repairs we'd planned this summer. And the money we'd saved this winter is gone, so there can be no more repairs!

This morning, we up early and went out for breakfast then to the grocery store. Getting to WalMart before 9am on a Saturday is perfect! No lines, not many people. Home before 10:30am. Tomorrow we'll meet Jason, Lins & Reagan for church and lunch after to celebrate Father's Day.

There, now you’re all caught up on us. Don’t you feel better now? :)

Until the next time . . .

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