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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

And Life Goes On . . .

Yesterday morning started early – we were out the door before 6:30am to get blood work done. Once that was done, it was on to breakfast. After all, we'd fasted all night before having the blood work done, right? :)

After ensuring that we wouldn't go hungry for at least a few hours, we went to Target to pick up the toaster oven we decided we needed. (Needed? Okay,wanted.) My mom and Lindsay use theirs all the time and I figure it would a lot nicer than heating up the whole RV with the oven during the summer. We'll see how it goes.

From Target, it was time for our annual eye doctor appointments. We were seeing a new doctor and I was hoping we'd like him. We did. The practice is a busy one, with several locations, so I was a bit concerned about feeling like we were part of an assembly line. And we did not. The staff is very personable and thorough. Of course, we both needed new glasses. So very grateful for our vision insurance! We only paid about $500 for two pair of glasses and both of our exams. I'm okay with that.

Our next stop was WalMart. I'm not sure we can go a week without a stop at WalMart. :) Anyway, we needed to pick up our prescription refills.

With that, all of our errands were done for the day. And it was only 11:00am! :)

Now, it was time for some fun, so we were off to Lindsay's. Since we had to put the truck in the shop on Wednesday (today) and Lindsay was going to follow Randy to the shop to bring him back home, it was decided we'd spend Tuesday night at her house. Jason is out of town this week, so we'd also be giving Lins a hand with Reagan. A win/win for all!

Beautiful skies out Lindsay’s backyard

Beautiful skies

Lots of fun family time abounded last night and today.

Taking her babies for a slide

 Found him! First of the summer

The county library here always has a summer activity for kids to pursue. They have to go hunting for certain items. And Reagan loves these activities! This year they have to find different constellations that are located in various local parks. There are clues to be followed and trails to be walked. It's really neat.

Since the afternoon was so beautiful, we decided to get started on the activity. Today we hunted for Pegasus and found it!

Hunting for Pegasus



We also ran into one of Reagan's good friends, Logan, at the park.


Then it was time to pick up the truck, but of course, it couldn't go as planned. Just as we headed to the shop, we got a call that when the tires were being balanced, it was found that the right passenger tire wheel is bent. That means they couldn't balance them for the alignment that needed to be done. So a new wheel has to be ordered and put on before the alignment can be done. All of the other work had been completed.

So we picked up the truck, paid the $1547 for the completed work and will wait for the new wheel to arrive (hopefully by Monday) and take the truck back in for the alignment.

Ugh! It's never easy, is it? And we get to pay them an additional $1100! YAY for us.

However, I reminded myself that this is why we workamped over the winter, so we would have the money needed for repairs. And I also thanked God that we do have the money necessary. We may not have a lot left over, but we have what we need. And isn't that what He promises? Yes, it is. So, I am determined to be grateful for that and trust Him for the future.

Sorry, didn't mean for this post to be so long. If you've read to this point, thanks! More to share tomorrow when Reagan comes for a sleepover!

Until the next time . . .


  1. It's always nice when the supply exceeds the demand lol! Looks like you are having lots of fun with Reagan. Nothing like a grandkid to light up your life. Have fun with your sleep-over.

  2. Darrell5:38 AM

    Sleep overs are fun - we get to have two little girls at a time. We can handle them, but Lola and Rocco at once would never, never, never work.