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Monday, June 04, 2012

Busy Monday

After a very relaxing weekend in which the most strenuous thing we did was go to church yesterday. For most of the weekend, we just relaxed at home.

Today, however, was busy. I was up early, a few minutes before six, for some reason. But, that was good. I had my quiet time and then got in 2 miles of walking.

By 8:30 we were out the door, headed to the dentist. This was our semi-annual check-up, but I also knew I had a tooth in trouble. I've been nursing a toothache since February, wanting to have my dentist deal with it instead of going to someone I didn't know in Florida. Very wrong decision.

My tooth was abscessed. Ugh. That means a root canal and then a crown. So, we made the necessary appointments and went on our way to more errands and another doctor's appointment for our annual physicals.

Along the way, we discussed this root canal business. It's not cheap – and we have dental insurance. So, I called the dentist to see if he would just pull the tooth instead. Although that would not be his first recommendation, he was not opposed to doing that, so that I decided that's what I wanted. Instead of having the root canal and subsequent crown, I'm going to have the tooth pulled and be done with it.

Our annual physicals showed us to be in good health. We have to have some blood work done, as usual, and will do that tomorrow morning. We gotta go out anyway because we have one more doctor visit to finish out the annual check-ups – this time eye exams.

We finally got home about 4:30. Whew. And tomorrow promises to be a bit busy, too. But, hey! We're retired; what else do we have to do! :)

Until the next time . . .

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