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Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Couple of Days Away

I am amazed by my daughter, Lindsay. She is a lovely young woman who is happily married to her teen-age sweetheart and, as you all know, has a fantastic daughter. :) But, she is also a great friend. Of the several women Lindsay calls close friends, four of them have been her friends for almost 20 years and one for almost 15 years! In this transient, hectic age, that is phenomenal. At least to me. I am proud of who Lindsay is and how she loves her friends. Both the long-term ones and those she has become close to since moving to PA.

And we got to visit with one of those long term BFFs this week. Lindsay met Jennette in her freshman year of high school and they have been good buddies ever since.  Lins & Jennette - BFFs Jennette spent many days and nights at our house and we consider her one of our own. Jennette and her family live in King George, VA which is almost three hours from us here in PA.

Yesterday Lindsay, Reagan and I loaded up the van and headed south to Jennette's to spend a couple of days together. I felt privileged to be included in this sleepover. Jennette and her husband, Mike, and their two boys, Jackson and Colton, built a home (literally – they built it!) and I couldn't wait to see it and spend time with them.

Three fourths of the White Family - Mike, Colton & Jennette

Needless to say, we had a great time. Jennette's husband, Mike, is a fabulous guy. He is a hoot, actually. And he took us invading his home in stride. And we evened up the score for Jennette since she's outnumbered in her house – three boys to one girl!

The kids, Jackson (8.5years), Colton (5 years) and Reagan (6.75 years) played great together. Jackson was at camp when we arrived and then went back this morning, so he didn't get as much play time in with the other two, but Reagan and Colton had a blast together. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of Jackson. Not sure how that happened!

Mike loves to get his “Reagan fix” as he calls it. Not having a little girl of his own, he really Mr. Mike gettin' his Reagan fixenjoys the time he gets with Reagan as well as the nieces in his family.  And the feeling is mutual. Reagan loves Mr. Mike.


BFFs since high school! 

Loved being part of this time with Lindsay and Jennette.  Thanks, girls!




And while I was having a good time away, Randy was hard at work here at home. He cleaned the carpet in the RV. And in 90 degree heat, too! Have I mentioned what a guy I'm married to? He's the best!

This weekend we're going back to Columbia, where we spent the first 19 years of our married life. You know – that life we had before we went on the road. We're going to attend our “adopted” granddaughters', Kelly and Kate, swim meet and then go out to lunch with them afterward. On Sunday we'll attend our former church and, hopefully, see a bunch of old friends there. Should be a fun time.

Until the next time . . .


  1. Lindsay7:14 PM

    Thank you, Mom, for those sweet words. I'm very blessed. They have all been a huge part of my life and am grateful to have these friendships. Love you!

  2. Great post! So cool! Glad you got to share in the mini reunion!!!

  3. It was wonderful to finally meet you! :)