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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Spontaneity on a Beautiful Day

Randy & I had nothing planned for today; as a matter of fact there's nothing on the calendar until late tomorrow afternoon when we're on Reagan-watch. Well, we planned to do some chores around the RV, but had no plans to go anywhere.

We were very diligent in doing our chores, too. By 11:30 we were both done. I had exercised (walked 3 miles via video), made an eggs and scrapple breakfast for both of us and cleaned the bathroom. Randy emptied tanks, mowed and trimmed our site.

We rewarded ourselves by settling in and relaxing. I made a little more progress on my cross stitch project and Randy went on the computer.

So, where does the spontaneity come in , you ask? Well, I'll tell ya.

About 12:30 Lindsay texted me to see if we'd like to join her and Reagan for a round of miniature golf since it was such a beautiful day. As much as I am always ready to play with my girlies, we are trying not to spend any more money 'til we get paid on the first. We've been spending money like we won the lottery this month! :) Well, my frugal daughter quickly replied no problem, she had a coupon. So, I had no excuse! :)

Randy didn't feel like going, so I met Lins & Reagan for some fun. And Lins was right – it was just too beautiful to be inside. It's rare that we have this kind of day in June – low humidity, a breeze and temps in the high 70s. Perfect for playing outside! The three of us had a good time. And I got TWO holes-in-one! 

Back home, I quickly got into my muumuu and vegged in front of the TV while Randy watched a movie in the bedroom.

I made a new recipe for chicken divan for dinner this evening; got it from a low carb website. Other than it being a bit soupy from the sauce, it was very delish. Next time I will decrease the amount of chicken broth I use, that should fix the soupiness.

Ahhhhh. Just another day in paradise. :)

Until the next time . . .

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