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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dutch Wonderland

Yesterday eight of us piled into two vans and headed to a fabulous amusement park in Lancaster, PA – Dutch Wonderland (DW). Unlike so many parks that have small sections set aside for younger kids, this park is all about the young kids! There are very few rides that even the really little guys have to pass by. So, when you have a two year old in your gang, that makes this park the best.

And that's what we had. Our gang consisted of Randy and me; Lindsay and Reagan, my sister, Paula; and her daughter, Megan and husband, Matt, and their two year old, Ryleigh. Yeah, our family has a “herd” mentality at times! :)

While the weather wasn't looking too cooperative as we left home in the rain, we were determined to have a good time no matter what. To ease our concern, DW has a rain guarantee. Can you believe that! Yep, if it rains constantly for one hour during your visit, you can redeem a one day pass from Guest Services for another visit. Now, that's customer service!

But, we were very fortunate. The rain stopped by the time we arrived and only spit a few times while we were there. It was overcast, but that worked in our favor – the temps stayed comfortable and the crowds stayed away!

It was such a fun day. This was Ryleigh's first time at an amusement park and I am so glad we got to share it with her. She was a trooper, too. She doesn't like being confined to a stroller, so she walked virtually the entire time. And we were there more than four hours! Reagan loved being the big cousin. She showed Ryleigh just how to enjoy an amusement park. She even went on the littler kids' rides with Ryleigh. (Many of the rides say that the little guys need a “responsible rider” with them and we adults figured Reagan was probably the most responsible one in our group!!)

So, here are a few pictures of our day. Hope looking at the joy on Reagan's and Ryleigh's faces brings a smile to yours today!

And . . . we’re off!

Ryleigh & Reagan are ready for fun!

Pretzel kids

Got Reagan looking And now Ryleigh DSCF0333 Most of the Gittermanns Reagan & Lindsay - Dragon Lair Cousins in space Paula, Matt, Ry & Megan 

One last hug good-bye

One last hug good-bye

This morning I'm off to eye doctor again. It's my yearly field vision test that I need to do because of the glaucoma. Not my favorite test at all – too many bright lights. Oh, well. Gotta do it.

Until the next time . . .

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  1. Lindsay6:10 PM

    Awww! I love that last pic of Reagan and Ry hugging!!!