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Thursday, June 28, 2012

It’s Heatin’ Up

Well, that beautiful weather of a couple of days ago is gone! The next few days are forecasted to be hot, hot, hot. We're talking 100 degree temps. Ugh. Thank God for air conditioning!

Randy & I would really like to workamp next summer in PA. We decided it would be good for our savings account if we workamp for the next couple of years. We're very happy in Bonifay at Florida Springs RV during the winter, so we just need to find something in PA for the summer to round out the year.

So, in an effort to make that happen, we visited Harrisburg East Campground today. We met with the owner and toured the campground, which consists of about 50 or so sites and storage facilities. We liked both the owner and the park. Currently there are two couples workamping for her who have been with her for several years. That doesn't bode well for us. But, we threw our hats in the ring and we'll see what happens. If you're driving north on I-81 through PA, stop in to this park. I think you'll be satisfied.

There are a couple of other parks in the area we're gonna check out. Doesn't hurt to put our faces out there. And if nothing comes through here, we can always lengthen our stay in Bonifay. Andy & Alicia have let us know we are welcome to work there as long as we'd like. We've talked about doing an eight month stint there; October thru May and traveling June through September. We'll see.

Tomorrow we're going to my sister's to help her and her husband set up for their annual summer picnic they're having on Saturday. It's a big to-do and always draws a huge crowd. It'll be nice to help them out and spend time with them. We don't get to do that very often.

Continuing to pray for those in Colorado . . .

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  1. We have stayed there a few times in the past. Is the motorhome painted like a coca cola can still there?