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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009

I have been very lazy and not posted about our Christmas festivities. I think I've been so tired out from traveling and fun that I just couldn't come up with enough energy to write about them! So, here's a synopsis of Christmas 2009.

Christmas Eve day we left my folks' to drive to my sister, Paula's, home. The four of us (Daddy, Mommy, Randy & me) attended Christmas Eve service at Paula's church. It was a nice service and the people were quite friendly.

After the service, Randy & I headed to our niece, Megan's, home to spend the night. I was pretty excited to get there 'cause we hadn't seen Megan and her husband, Matt, since we left in September - and Megan's pregnant with their first child, a little girl they've named Ryleigh! So, I couldn't wait to see that belly. :)

Megan (and Ryleigh!)
Our nephew, Joe, was there as well since Meg & Matt had picked him up at the airport earlier in the evening. We spent and hour or so visiting with each other before Randy & I were ready to call it a night.

Christmas morning we got up early as usual and found Matt was already up. Apparently their pup, Chloe, was ready to start the day and it was Matt who got up with her. :) Megan wasn't far behind us. The morning was very laid back, with coffee and pastry for breakfast. Finally, we all got ourselves out the door to go to Paula's for the rest of the day.

My folks had spent the night at Paula & Lou's so we joined them, with Matt & Megan and Joe coming in soon after us. The plan was for the families to come in at different times so that the mayhem could be kept to a minimum - not easy with a family like ours! :) We watched Matt & Megan open their gifts from my parents and Paula & Lou. Many of the gifts were for Ryleigh; Paula had even gathered together many of Megan's baby outfits she'd saved for just this occasion. It was great seeing those.

Mommy, Lou, & Daddy
Joe & Paula
Megan showing off one of Ryleigh's gifts
Our kids were due next. Jason, Lindsay & Reagan came in first. I was waiting on the porch as they pulled up. As soon as Reagan got out of the car, I was down the steps and running to her - as she was, me. I scooped her up and just squeezed her! It was wonderful. I was thrilled to see Lins, too. I am so happy to be with my girls, even if it is only for a couple of weeks.

Reagan's here! (Oh, Jason & Lins, too.)
Dressed for the party

Once Jason, Lins & Reagan got settled, it was their turn to open presents from G'ma & DadDad. We were waiting to exchange gifts later that night 'cause we wanted to do it away from the chaos. Reagan was so excited and she even got a new guitar to rock out on!

Let the opening begin!
Ginny, Chuck & Tommy came in next. I was so glad they came. We weren't sure if they would make it, but they did! It was great to see them, too. They haven't spent a lot of time around the family, but they blended right in. Presents were distributed and everyone had smiles on their faces. :)

Ginny, Chuck & Tommy
We spent the afternoon noshing on all the food Paula had out - she always has enough food to feed an army! And it was all good, of course. We also got to Skype with Kevin for a bit, so most everyone got to see him and wish him a merry Christmas.

Paula's eldest, Lisa, and her family were the last to arrive around 3:30 or so. With three kids, it's always crazy when Lisa's family enters the house. And it's a good crazy. It was their turn for presents and it was pandemonium for awhile.

Jim, Jimmy, Kylie, Lisa & Kelsey (L to R)
Cousins - Kelsey, Reagan & Kylie
Finally, we all just settled in and visited until Randy & I were ready to hit the road. Our last stop is Lindsay's and she lives more than a hour from Paula's. By 6pm, we were ready to go. The weather had gotten nasty and we were tired. Lins & family were right there with us. Good-byes were said and hugs were given. This is always the tough part 'cause we won't see most of them until May.

Once we were at Lindsay's, I thought we were just going to veg since it had been such a big day. But, Reagan had other ideas. :) We exchanged gifts with most of the attention on Reagan, of course. She seemed very happy with all of her gifts. Good thing! :) She was ready to party the rest of the night, I think, but the adults were done.

Christmas Day was perfect - family, family and more family. It was a great way to celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus.

Since then, we had been couch potatoes! I woke up yesterday with a slight headache which erupted into a nasty migraine, so I was not a lot of fun all day. Jason, Lins & Reagan went to one of Jason's sister's to celebrate Christmas with his mom and sisters. So, we had a quiet day. They didn't get home until 9pm!

This morning we got up and went out to breakfast at Denny's. Jason had been given a gift card to Denny's as a thank you for clearing his neighbor's sidewalks during the snow storm and he generously included us in using it. :) You know us - we never turn down an opportunity to go to breakfast! The rest of the day has been very low key. We watched the Ravens lose horribly to Pittsburgh - the final score didn't show the disaster the game really was. Lindsay made a nice dinner of ravioli, salad and bread.

Now we are just sitting in front of the TV while the rest of the family has gone to bed. Not sure what's happening tomorrow, but I'm sure Reagan will be ready to go!

Until the next time . . .


  1. Oh, I loved the pictures and love hearing about the chaos that is a grandmother's life! It sounds like you had a great few days, other than that migraine again. Is there ANYTHING new they can do for you? It seems like you are getting them so frequently lately! :-(
    I loved Megan's belly. She looks so cute. Enjoy every minute with Reagan. Hopefully we'll see the three of them before the girls graduate highschool!

  2. The puppy waking Matt up cracked me up. It also reminds me of why I don't want a puppy! Soon they will have a much better reason to get up early.