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Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Different Kind of Parade

The sun shined all day today! It was wonderful - we were even able to have the door open for much of the day.

I woke up about 5:30 this morning with an ugly headache and nausea. Yep, another migraine; how nice. I had just said to Randy the night before that I hadn't woken up with a headache since Sunday. Guess I jinxed myself. I took some meds and laid back down, but it wasn't going away, so I just got up about 6:00 and got moving.

I had planned to do laundry this morning, so I went ahead with that. Early Saturday morning is the best time to do laundry because I rarely have to share the laundry room, so I'm able to get in and get out quickly. Anyway, after the loads were done washing, I got them into the dryers and came back home. I just couldn't do it any longer; the headache and nausea were just too much.

Randy is just fantastic; he is always there to take up my slack and I so appreciate him. He didn't even blink when I asked him to finish doing the laundry. And when he was done with the laundry, he even brought me some breakfast. I am truly blessed (and spoiled!).

I spent the rest of the morning huddled under a blanket in my recliner, napping off and on. Randy made a run for propane.

Late this afternoon several of us went to Big Daddy's for dinner and to watch the Fish River Christmas Boat Parade. Randy & I never turn down an opportunity to go to Big Daddy's and we'd also never seen a boat parade. The restaurant was festively decorated for Christmas and the fireplace was blazing nicely. As usual the food was so good and our companions were fun.

Darrell's enjoying the fire
Nice table decorations
Big Daddy's deck
We waited outside for almost an hour for the parade to make its way to Big Daddy's. It was quite chilly outside and I was about ready to bag it when the first boat finally made an appearance. There were about ten boats and all were decorated quite gaily. It was pretty neat. Sorry I don't have pictures to share, but my camera just doesn't take good night pictures. This one picture of "Feisty Lady" was taken before it got dark.

Another great day in the life. Tomorrow we'll be busy packing up to leave Monday. Lots to pack; and we're not used to that! You don't have to pack when you take your home with you.

Until the next time . . .

1 comment:

  1. That is pretty cool....the boat parade, I mean....not the migraines. Sorry about those!
    I have never seen a boat parade and I grew up on an island. Enjoy time visiting PA...