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Friday, December 18, 2009

Not Much Going On

We have very little planned for the next few days.

Today we woke up to more rain and howling winds. I didn't venture out for Curves, just couldn't face going out in that. Yuck. Thankfully, the rain stopped by 10am, but the winds got worse. This weather pattern we've been in has been horrible. Now, I know it's not snow, but still . . .

I did finally go out around noon to get my hair trimmed (I was looking like a Chia pet!) and a mani/pedi. I look soooo forward to that mani/pedi each month. :)

Randy dumped the tanks. And that was it for the day. We've been recliner potatoes. What can I say? Sometimes it's just that way.

Tomorrow the sun is supposed to shine! Won't that be nice. We do plan to go to Big Daddy's for dinner and to watch the Fish River Boat Parade. Then, Sunday is just church in the morning.

We have to start packing for our trek north. Maryland & Pennsylvania are supposed to be getting lots of snow this weekend - hope it's done by the time we get there next Wednesday!

Hope you have a great weekend! Until the next time . . .

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