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Monday, April 12, 2010

Another Day, Another Adventure

The plan for the day was to take a drive with Dick & Pat along the beach boulevard to have lunch at Wolf Bay Lodge, located in Orange Beach. Pat has been wanting to eat there since she’s read that it’s supposed to have some of the best seafood around. I mean, signs don’t lie, do they??? :)

Wolf Bay Lodge

With the name “Wolf Bay Lodge,” I was expecting an inn-like establishment. Not quite. It’s located at a marina and is in a building with other restaurants and stores. Apparently, it used to be located in Elberta along Wolf Bay, but the building burned completely in December 2008. It reopened at its present location on Cotton Bayou in Orange Beach in March 2009.

Randy & I weren’t overly impressed with our meals. They weren’t bad, just overpriced for the quality. Dick & Pat were happy with theirs, so that was good.

We did enjoy walking along the marina, looking at the boats, and watching folks jetskiing along the bayou. The weather was absolutely perfect for being outside. I could have sat there all day watching the water and enjoying the pelicans and the great blue heron. Unfortunately, we had to come on home.

Palm trees & seagrasses Great Blue Heron P1110476 P1110475 P1110478It is fun to find all these hidden (to us) treasures. There is always something new to explore down here in Lower Alabama. If you’re bored here, you got a problem!

After we got home, I had about an hour or so to relax before it was time to head out for Bible study. Once again, we had a great study time. I’m gonna miss it.

While I was at Bible study, Randy continued his quest to rid the outside of the rig of the layers of dirt it’s accumulated while we’ve been here. He’s doing a great job, too!

The week’s off to a good start. Hope yours is, too! Until the next time . . .

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