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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Continuing . . .

And so it goes. Each day my mom and I head to the hospital between 10 and 11am to hang out with Daddy. Randy usually comes up for a couple hours, too.

Today we got some good news – Daddy was moved to a regular room. It's a step down from ICU as they still monitor him, but he isn't hooked up to as many IVs and such. He was glad for that. He even sat up in the chair for over four hours! That's stupendous. But, it really tired him out.

We'll keep up this schedule for as long as Daddy's in the hospital. Mommy's hanging in there, too. She's doing much better than I expected. Very grateful for that!

It's amazing how sitting in a hospital room can exhaust you. I just don't get it. I can sit in my recliner all day long and not be bone-weary, so how come I feel like I've been run over after sitting in the hospital? Just doesn't make sense.

Thank you for the many prayers and concerns you've shared. I so believe in the power of prayer and know that God is in control and has Daddy in His hands. No matter the outcome of a situation – whether it goes the way I want or not – I am trusting God for that outcome.

Hope your week is fabulous! Until the next time . . .


  1. Good news, continued prayers for your family.

    Stay Safe

  2. You're so right. To me, sitting in the hospital is one of the hardest jobs I've ever had. It completely exhausts a person.

    Linda and I are sending our thoughts and prayers your way.

    Be sure to take care of yourself,

    Jim and Linda

  3. Hospitals are stressful and stress tires one out faster than four hours at Curves. Hang in there, we are so happy to hear the good news. Praise the Lord!!!

  4. So very very glad to hear that your Dad has been moved to the next step. That is a big step. I am so glad your Mom is holding up and doing well....God answer's prayer and gives us strength when we need it. I remember so well how tired hospitals, nursing homes and Hospice can make you. Pace yourselves as best you can.

    Thinking of you each day and keeping everyone in our prayers!

    Mike & Gerri