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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Beginning the “Last Ofs” . . .

If you’re a full-time or extended RVer, you’ll know what I mean by the “last ofs.” When you’re nearing the time of departure from an area in which you’ve sat for awhile, you begin doing things for the last time. Hence, “this is the last of the dulcimer jams” or “this is the last of the clubhouse dinners” etc.

We’re leaving our home for the past seven, yes SEVEN, months a week from this Thursday. On April 22 we’ll pull out and head to Auburn, AL for a three day dulcimer festival. There will be lots of folks there we know, so our departure will be a little less of a jolt.

Today was the last of my JamNFolks jam sessions for this year. Several of us went to lunch afterward, dragging out our time together. :) We do have a gig this Friday, so that will be the “last of” the gigs for the season as well.

Randy was hard at work while I was playing. He continues to clean the black streaks and such off of the outside of the rig. He also ran the vacuum. What a great guy I’ve got!

This afternoon I continued working on my cross stitch project. I really would like to have it done by the time we get home, but I’m not sure it’s gonna happen.

Randy’s out at the last of his Pops rehearsals for the season. I’m so glad he’s gotten into this band. He has really enjoyed it. He’s so talented and I’m glad he’s using his talent.

That’s it for now! Until the next time . . .


  1. Will you be staying in the PA area for a while after Alabama?

  2. 7 months! Have ya'll forgotten how to hook up that rig? Enjoy your last few days at the Plantation and our best wishes for safe spring travels.

    Mike & Peggy

  3. Enjoy your "last ofs." Wow, seven you sound like the Jones family.

    We are looking forward to seeing you and Randy again as you pass through Auburn. Yipee!!

    Mike & Gerri