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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Music, Lunch & A Nice Drive

Thursday means music, so about 8:40 this morning, Dick & Pat and Randy & I piled into Dick & Pat’s car and headed to Fairhope for Pickers. Now, the weatherman was calling for rain and it was overcast, but we hoped maybe we’d miss it. But, oh, no we didn’t!!

We were less than a mile from our jam location when the skies opened up. Now, add to that, our location was changed to a different building in the complex and we were a little verklempt. We sat in the car for a few minutes and then the rain let up a bit. Pat & I grabbed our dulcimers and raced for the building, leaving Dick & Randy to get the rest of the stuff. Aren’t we just the sweetest wives??? :)

In spite of the rain, change in location and being a little out of sorts, the jam session was fun, as always. Next week will be our last one for the season. We’ll miss these wonderful folks.

Eating out is always on the schedule on Thursdays and we usually go to the Chinese buffet with the rest of the group, but today the four of us decided to go to an Italian place we like in Daphne called Cousin Vinny’s. Great sandwiches, salads and spaghetti. And more than enough to fill you up – even Randy!

Daphne is the next town north of Fairhope. It is also very picturesque, especially along Scenic Route 98. After lunch we decided to take a little drive along that route to see the gorgeous flowers and to find some water. We found a nice little park that sits on Mobile Bay. It would be fun to go there with a lunch and watch the boats go by some time.

We meandered back to the main drag and again saw lots of beautiful home and landscaping. It always gives me pleasure to drive along that route.

Back home we’ve just settled into our evening routine. We did stop by and say good-bye to Larry and Cindy. They are leaving tomorrow for the north by way of south Florida. :) Of course we’ll keep up with them through their travelogues as they will us. It’s that time of year where the good-byes will begin. Just a fact of life in this RVing world.

Our son, Kevin, returns to Iraq tomorrow from his two weeks of R&R. As you think of our military, please keep him in your prayers. He’s there until the end of August. Thanks.

Until the next time . . .

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  1. You guys just keep on having fun.... that's great. Randy/Terry, Gerri & I will keep remembering Kevin in our prayers as well as youguys. I know it is the part of military, but it's still hard. Please know we care about our friends and their families. We hope safe travels for y'all as you head north. We look forward to our paths crossing.. we really appreciate our friends.