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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Another Lunch Out

Our day started out as usual, I went to Curves and Randy walked Blackie. :) Once I got home, the routine continued as I grabbed a shower, then a cup of coffee. I got on the computer to catch up on Facebook and the blogs. Randy checked his email.

A little before noon we headed out to John & Joy Sterling’s home. John is the pastor emeritus of Silverhill Covenant, the church we’ve been attending. Joy has invited us to their home for lunch a couple of times after Sunday service and we’ve not been able to accept. This past Sunday she asked if we were available this week and I picked Wednesday. She also invited Susan & Jim which was nice because it would be easier to make conversation.

We had a lovely time! I figured we would as John & Joy have been so welcoming to us at church. And it wasn’t lunch – it was definitely more like dinner. John grilled burgers and Joy made potato salad, baked beans, and a broccoli salad. Susan brought a couple of desserts. Everything was delicious.

The conversation never lagged. We talked about everything from church life to travels to family and more. It was so nice to be cared about enough for these folks to pursue us for a meal. Just one of the many reasons we love this church!

The rest of the day passed in the usual way. Unfortunately, I got another daggone headache just like yesterday. I think it’s the weather and pollen. It’s getting pretty thick here. But, the headache was too bad so it could always be worse. I’m grateful I don’t have to work and can lay down when I need to. Life is very good.

Until the next time . . .

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